The Funding Network – Shaking up giving

Imagine a better Australia. The Funding Network connects those in need with people who care.

One of our incredible members, The Funding Network (TFN) philosophy is “collective giving”. Put simply, they enable people to come together to pool their funds and resources to positively impact their communities. They believe together we can make real change happen.

One of the programs TFN have developed is crowdfunding but like you have never seen it before.   These live events bring together these grassroots organisations with people wanting to make positive change.

At each TFN Live, three non profits come to an event to pitch for six minutes and answer questions from the audience.  The aim, to raise at least $15,000 for each program.

After the pitching comes the pledging.  It is purely voluntary, and amounts range from $100 upwards.  The pledging provides the magic of the evening as funders inspired by programs and the people behind them are able to do their bit to lend them a hand.

Watch this video to get a taste of the TFN Live events in action

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