Boutique workspace for professionals

Nous House offers co-working spaces designed to help professionals work, connect and grow their business.

Working from home always seems like such a good idea. That is, until you find yourself constantly distracted by that load of washing or new episode on Netflix. Or you have the opposite, where you feel you never quite ‘leave’ work, given it’s your dining room table. Or when the isolation gets so much, you’re excited when a bird lands on the window, just so you can get your fix of interaction.

With more and more workplaces moving towards flexible working arrangements or moving away from large centralised offices, there’s an increase of people working from their dining room table/couch/local coffee shop, or going on the hunt for a co-working space to call their office.

Anna Chandler, general manager of boutique co-working community Nous House, says that as the types of people working remotely and away from traditional offices has changed, so too have co-working.

“When you say ‘co-working’, people immediately think of start-up tech companies or noisy offices with beer and ping pong, and that’s become the stereotype,” she says.

“But there are plenty of professionals who just want an energising space where they can get on with work, but have the option to network with others if they want, and that’s what Nous House is about.”

With co-working communites in the heart of Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Nous House offers co-working spaces designed to help professionals work, connect and grow their business.

“It’s set up by professionals for professionals. A place where like-minded businesses can work alongside each other,” says Anna.

“It’s not only small to medium businesses looking for office space or desks to rent anymore. At our communities, we see lawyers, accountants, consultants, not-for-profits, and we even have large companies rent an office or desk to act as a satellite office for employees working interstate.”

Situated on Marcus Clarke Street in the heart of town and boasting impressive sweeping views towards the city’s south, Nous House Canberra offers desks which can be rented on a more dedicated basis—where you can leave all your gear and make the most of lock-up drawers—or unlimited monthly options, where you can pop in when you like and make the most of any of the empty desks.

The light-filled space is buzzing with activity, and includes a large shared kitchen and lounge area, plus quieter informal meeting and lounge spaces for meetings or just breaking away for a bit of brainstorming. Memberships are flexible and available on a month-to-month basis, giving professionals the freedom to scale up or down the space they need depending on projects.

And the all-inclusive membership will get you access to it all, with no hidden costs. Members have access to your desk and chair, fast internet, lockable storage, plus a printer, scanner and photocopier, and coffee and snacks. And the dedicated Nous House community manager keeps things running smoothly, and will also greet any guests for you.

Sure beats talking to a bird.

Interested in giving Nous House it a go? Until Christmas, Nous House Canberra is offering 50% off all desk memberships. For more, contact 6201 9077 or contact [email protected]

As published in HER Canberra, October 2019