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Nous Group and MYOB partner on Business Monitor

MYOB research finds Federal Budget must deliver for sole traders and SMEs, digitisation key to recovery Federal Budget 2020 is predicted to deliver mixed results for businesses, with half of SMEs confident the Budget will deliver benefits for their business, according to a special Budget Edition of MYOB Business Monitor, in partnership with Nous Group, released […]

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The hybrid workplace for a post pandemic world

While working from home has brought with it some benefits, many of us miss the “water cooler” chats and the sense of being part of a team. We believe community will be the key to business recovery post-COVID, but what will this look like in future workspaces?

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The Future Of Work is more than remote work

The Future of Work lies in the ‘liquid’ workforce – a mix of full-time and on-demand talent. Having this mix enables companies to smartly and cost-effectively employ the best available talent to meet their skill and work needs at any given time.

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5 things managers can do to support employee’s mental health

One good thing that’s coming out of the pandemic is that employers have become aware of the importance of their employees’ mental health, and why they need to support workers on an ongoing basis.

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Work from anywhere graphic illustration

We need to change when and how we work

The hybrid workforce is likely to become the new norm, a combination of employees working from home and from an office. This may mean that a large dedicated, fixed lease space may no longer be the best option for your team or your bottom line.

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The future role of coworking

Where working from home isn’t sustainable, remote workers from all kinds of industries are seeking flexible, cost-effective arrangements in social, collaborative environments of which they’re deprived of in the home office.

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Nous House Canberra members using the communal space

Offices are essential to a truly innovative environment

If a company wants to maintain a work environment that nurtures creativity, innovation and productivity, having an office dedicated to trading ideas is essential.

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Nous House Sydney at 60 Margaret Street communal kitchen, breakout spaces and lounge.

Community, flexibility – COVID and the future of workplaces

We’re seeing that people are keen to get back to office, but they don’t necessarily want the same kind of working environment or even the same kind of working week.

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Nous House Canberra break-out lounge area

Does your office need a shakeup after COVID?

As our future of work is changing so to are our work environments. Maybe you need less space, more flexible terms or different locations….a shared workspace might just be the answer.

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