Leonie Taylor


We caught up with Leonie from elaw, a leading litigation technology consultancy. We had a chat learning more about elaw’s journey as a business, and their experiences co-working at Nous House Sydney.

What does elaw do?

elaw is a leading legal technology consultancy with expertise in the management, analysis and presentation of evidence.

We deliver best quality litigation technology advice and solutions for pre-trial evidence management and analysis – right through to courtroom presentation and the facilitation of electronic trials.

Our mission is to provide best practice, cost effective solutions that deliver superior outcomes for clients – and matters – of all types and sizes.

In addition, a large proportion of our team consists of lawyers, which means our clients’ legal needs are well understood.

Tell us about elaw’s background.

The legal industry is undergoing a rapid transformation thanks to continuing advances in technology. elaw was one of the pioneering companies in the legal technology space, as it was involved in writing the core practice notes around technology use.

We were involved some of the very first significant royal commissions, where electronic trials were first held. Rather than having courtrooms full of briefs – documents were submitted and viewed electronically.

Why did you move to Nous House?

Moving to Nous House was a great decision for elaw.

As our business shifted further from paper-based work towards entirely digital projects, our office requirements changed. We found that our previous office space was not entirely compatible with our new needs.

At Nous House, we have the privacy and security we need, as well as the space and flexibility to conduct client-based meetings, training and seminars.

What you enjoy most about Nous House?

The aspect of Nous House we most relish is convenience.

Our private workspace is accessible to us 24/7, and with the clever office setup and assistance, our transition into the office was seamless. The availability of breakout spaces and meeting rooms has made client and inter-state staff visits easy to facilitate, and the provision of plug-in-and-go technology throughout the office allows us to host presentations and meetings without any complications or wasted time. Did we mention the unlimited coffee?

Can you describe the impact that people you meet through Nous House have made?

Working in Nous House exposes you to plenty of inspiring activity. The community of solo, small and medium businesses within Nous provides a great number of opportunities for both personal and professional collaboration and growth. The inter-office engagement and Nous-hosted networking events provide the perfect setting for introductions, and we’ve been inspired by the projects and achievements of many of our fellow Nous Housers.