Carly Tonkinson and Claire Tan

IT Financial Services

We sat down with Carly Tonkinson and Claire Tan from IT Financial Services, our newest Nous House members in Sydney. We had a chat about their journey as business owners and how they’re settling into the Nous House community.

What’s been the highlight of your career/business so far? Why?

The highlight of our career so far is setting up IT Financial Services, our own financial advice practice that provides pro-active, personal financial advice, and create comprehensive integrated financial services for everyone. We have enjoyed taking control of the services we offer and the direction we take, as well as partnering with our clients for the long term. IT Financial Services provide

Tell me about the time in your life that you had the most difficulty or fear in your career or business?

Also setting up our own practice! This was scary and challenging but ultimately worth it.

What’s going well for you at the moment?

We’ve settled into our new environment at Nous House and now back to focusing on our business. A raft of changes in the Superannuation industry is giving us plenty to do and giving us a chance to reconnect with established clients. We’re continuing our weekly radio show on 2GB which is great, listener questions always keep us on our toes!

Tell me about what it’s like to work at Nous House?

This has been an adjustment as we here moved here from a traditional office space. It’s great to be in a space where everything just works. Small businesses rarely have the time or resources it takes to run an engaging and efficient office space and here it is all taken care of. Everyone can focus on what they do best!

What do you enjoy the most about working at Nous House?

Positive being around people who are all doing different things. It is a diverse work space with a lively environment.

If you could give one piece of career or business advice to a large group of people what would your advice be?
Genuine and long term relationships are essential, you can’t fake it!