Ben Barnett


We recently interviewed Nous House member and CEO of Loop Ben Barnett to find out more about Loop and their experience in Nous House Melbourne.

What do you do?

I’m the CEO of Loop, which means I work on product development, marketing and sales. Overall, Loop is an app helping organisations get feedback. That feedback might be individual feedback, feedback around professional development goals or feedback for teams, groups and classrooms.

What’s going on in your company at the moment?

At the moment, we are basically growing our user base, and focusing on high performing organisations. The common thread across these organisations are ones that have an aspiration to grow very quickly. These include ASX listed companies, SMEs, TAFEs that want to turn things around, and professional sporting teams, to name a few.

Where do you see Loop in 5 years?

Loop will be a must have tool used around regularly around the world to obtain feedback.

What’s the biggest benefit to your company working in Nous House?

First, our team now have our own office which works as a hub for all of us to come together, and we work much more productively – we were previously in a space where we didn’t have a hub.

Second, it’s a no-nonsense space with low overheads and low distractions so we can focus on what we need to.

Third, it’s conveniently located.

What has been your best experience in Nous House?

My best experience would have to be having unexpected conversations with other Nous House members and learning about their history, which in turn reveals something about our own business.

How do you see being at Nous House as helping you thrive?

Having an office at Nous House allows our team members to work in different ways. The different types of working spaces available cater to people’s differing work rhythms. Nous House also has a real buzz and a nice energy about it.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to other startups?

To try and learn as quickly as you can, and learn very quickly to determine whether there is a market or not. Ask yourself questions like, “Are we making progress in terms of our learning?” and “how can we accelerate that learning?”. Learn as much as you can about your segment and continue to refine your product.