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Nous House is home to professional members working across a broad range of sectors

A New Approach

“My creativity and new ideas are partly sparked by the opportunity to connect with other individuals who are doing really interesting things – it’s a joy coming to work every day.”

Palo Alto Networks

“We see Nous House as a collaboration zone – it’s critical for our team to have a flexible environment with a mix of formal and informal spaces where we can come together to deliver our best work.”

Silver Chain Group

“Nous House allows me the flexibility to work in different states as our business grows up the East Coast.”

Aptium Financial Services

“There’s a great positive vibe that makes my job as an employer easier – keeping staff motivated and happy working in the environment they are in.”

Magneto Communications

“We love the people we are meeting, we feel incredibly well supported and it’s really flexible.”


“We choose to co-work for flexibility. Being able to dial up and dial down desk space is important for our business.”


“We want to be in a space where we can bounce ideas of others, somewhere with a buzz and an energy.”

Email Experts

“I chose Nous House for the connections – the professional community.”

Think Productive & Aurora People

“Co-working enables us to informally interact with other people and learn about how they run their businesses, how they work and how they interact with their clients.”