A unique flexible working space

In the heart of Canberra, Nous House offers individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses a unique and supportive co-working space, where connectivity and collaboration reigns. Made up of a range of different businesses, Nous House allows its members to benefit from cross-industry collaboration, encouraging the combination of knowledge, skill-sets and networks.

Louise Hegarty, community manager at Nous House Canberra, says the co-working space allows for ‘cross-pollination’. “You can create synergy and it can give you a different perspective, even from someone who is in a different industry to you,” she says.

Nous House is owned, operated and co-located with Nous Group, an Australian award-winning management consultancy firm. Nous House was born from the culture and ethos within Nous Group, who wanted to share this with other likeminded individuals and organisations. Louise says the connection with Nous Group is what makes the space so unique.

“Connectivity and collaboration is actively encouraged,” she says. “We’re incredibly social. That’s come from the Nous Group culture. From a co-working perspective, it’s really quite unique.”

The Nous House community managers also contribute to making the space unique, offering support, enabling member interactions, assisting members and ensuring the community is beneficial for all. Members of the Nous House co-working space are offered a choice of all-inclusive membership packages, which range from private offices with lockable storage, to virtual memberships for those who don’t want a physical office in numerous locations.

Louise says Nous House is a space where all their members can feel welcome, no matter which industry they are in or how often they use the space.

“I get satisfaction giving people happiness at work,” Louise says. “We have a great community of professionals here and a really welcoming and positive environment. I especially enjoy seeing how our community really enables collaboration – both between
members and between members and the wider Nous Group.”

“My role is to ensure that everybody has the tools they need to get the job done, and really create an environment that contributes to members’ productivity.”

At only one year old, Nous House boasts amenities that are made for the modern workplace, including quiet working spaces, tech-enabled meeting rooms and a modern kitchen for socialising and networking. Their four locations across Australia also enable the forging of national connections and collaboration.

“Nous House strikes a really unique balance between community, flexibility and convenience – a place for you to do your best work,” Louise says.


First published in Canberra Weekly, October 2018.