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Professionals at work in Nous House Sydney

Most workers want ‘hybrid’ jobs at the office and at home after coronavirus, study finds

Most Australian workers want to return to their physical office after coronavirus restrictions loosen, a study has found. But instead of commuting every day, they would be happier to be in the office for only two or three days of a five-day working week.

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Nous House professional boardroom

A board’s actions now will shape how the organisation will emerge from COVID-19

While executives are close to an organisation’s daily activities, people and operational changes, the board (particularly non-executive directors) retains a perspective that stands apart from management even more than usual.

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The word breath on a green background - fostering mental health and resilience

Fostering mental health & resilience during COVID-19 and beyond

Beyond the concerns for our physical health and that of our loved ones, many people are experiencing the challenges of working differently, rapidly changing work priorities, individual and family stress, and frequent exposure to traumatic news.

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The words do something great on a black background.

Strengthening leadership through adversity

As leaders of organisations across the world grapple with the impacts of COVID-19, they are being tested like never before emotionally, physically, socially, logistically, operationality, ethically and financially.

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Working from home laptop with zoom meeting open

Remote working need not stop rich engagement with your workforce & clients

How can people stay connected to colleagues and customers, regardless of where they are working?

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Nous House Canberra at 121 Marcus Clarke Street, private office with city views

Boutique workspace for professionals

“There are plenty of professionals who just want an energising space where they can get on with work, but have the option to network with others if they want, and that’s what Nous House is about.”

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Communal kitchen space at Nous House Sydney, 60 Margaret Street

The future is all about flexible work spaces

The set nine-to-five working day has become a cliche more than a reality; we need to fit work in when we can and some people prefer to work after hours.We’re always on the go – travelling more but often needing to work from home.

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Nous House Melbourne communal library and break out space

Take a virtual tour of all our Nous Houses

It’s not always possible to visit in person, so here’s a quick tour through our spaces.  We’re always happy to provide walk throughs of any of our Houses, virtually or in person.

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Coworking sign

Companies thrive in shared office space

Connections are king in today’s free wheeling business world, where a chance encounter can be more fruitful than a formal pitch and opportunities open up for the person on the spot.

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