Nous House

Why Nous House?

Nous House is a leading professional co-working community, designed to help you thrive

What makes us different?

Nous House is bold and engaging

We strive to provide a workplace where you and your business can thrive on your terms. We strike a unique balance between community, flexibility and convenience that lets you truly shape your co-working experience.

Join Nous House and thrive

Nous House is a co-working community that has been built by professionals for professionals

We are owned, operated and co-located with Nous Group, a multi-award winning Australian owned management consulting firm.

As a Nous House member, you’ll have the opportunity to network with recognised experts and leading thinkers who are personable and engaging.

Share ideas and collaborate with a diverse community of experts.

You’ll be working alongside leaders in various industries, including (but not limited to) marketing, IT, education, strategy, finance, law, social enterprise and more.

Enjoy a personalised experience tailored to your needs.

Our co-working spaces are designed in a way to promote community and interaction. Each space has community management support to ensure members have all the tools they need to get on with their work.

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