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About Nous House

Professional work spaces

Built by professionals, for professionals

In the heart of Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane's central business districts, Nous House serves to meet the needs of professionals and growing businesses.

Owned and operated by international management consultancy, Nous Group, Nous House spaces have been flexibly designed to enable professionals to work in a way that suits their business, team and clients.

Our spaces are smaller in numbers, but more generous in size and provide professionals with an inspiring working environment. Combined with truly flexible memberships, Nous House is perfect for the agile business.

Generous and flexible

Smaller numbers, generously sized

Our spaces are smaller in numbers, but more generous in size and provide professionals an inspiring working environment.

All offices are designed to be client facing, helping members represent their business well whilst being a more flexible, cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to grow.

Private office and corner lounge nook within Nous House Sydney, 60 Margaret Street

Collaboration & Community

Two heads are better than one!

Our members create a powerful community of like-minded professionals, bringing together diverse skill and mindsets, which can be tapped into for advice, feedback or to solve a problem.

We're designed to encourage the power in these positive collisions. Modern open-plan spaces, design labs, collaborative shared spaces are all thoughtfully created with community and connection in mind.

Professionals using the breakout areas within Nous House Sydney, 60 Margaret Street

Budget certainty

All-inclusive and transparent membership fees with flexible terms, meaning you pay only for what you need.

Talent attraction & retention

Work in a great location, with fantastic facilities with other interesting businesses and people.


Workspaces to focus alongside a peer group of like-minded professionals. Do your best work at Nous House, grow your networks and collaborate.

Central CBD Locations

Central CBD locations in Melbourne. Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane, offer an eastern-seaboard presence for your business. Included in your membership is the flexibility to work between locations as needed.

First impressions

Central premium CBD addresses, welcoming reception and interactive spaces to meet your clients.

Networking opportunities

Work alongside like-minded professionals and grow your business and personal networks.

Encore Advisory

Nous House rocks. The facilities are first class and the team that looks after you are fantastic. We moved in at the beginning of the year and have been happy with that decision ever since.

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